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Real Restaurant Quality At Home

Made in the U.S. A.

We specialize in the sales of home soda equipment with built-in carbonators. These units are the real thing.

If you have always wanted a real restaurant soda dispenser this is your opportunity.

We also have a full line of commercial units and build custom units to fit our customers special needs and requirements. Just contact us to inquire information.

At Willtec, we manufacture and sell easy to install, complete soda pop dispenser machines. You can buy Coke, Pepsi or any other syrup you like and save money, as our system uses the same syrup boxes that all restaurants use.
We feel that everyone who has always wanted a real soda dispenser at home should be able to have one. This unit is small, so it will fit in your home. We sell counter top units, bar guns for wet bars, and free standing units. We ship our units all over the nation.

Willtec Soda dispensers are totally Green Friendly.
The syrup comes in plastic bags in cardboard boxes, both are recyclable. CO2 tanks are refillable.
Because of these facts, Nothing goes to landfill.


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What Makes Willtec Dispensers Great?

They are built with over 72 years of Soda Dispenser manufacturing experience. All our units are tested prior to shipping, to ensure proper operation upon delivery. Our dispenser works with standard Bag-N-Box syrup, the same as all Restaurants, Bars, and Fast Foods use. It also uses standard CO2 tanks, so you can get them filled close to where you live.

Facts on syrup:

Most syrup is mixed 5 to 1 (this means 5 parts Soda Water to 1 part Syrup) so a gallon of syrup makes 6 gallons of finished product. A 5 gallon will make 30 gallons of finished product.  This is how Restaurants & Fast Foods can give you free re-fills.

Commercial Quality?

Willtec Dispensers are made to last, save you money, and are easy to install. The unit comes with everything you need, and is easy for anyone with basic skills to setup. We make it easy.

Bar gun set up?

If you want a "Real" Bar Gun, the same unit is used as a remote. We put the Power Pack below the bar and run a insulated duct line to the bar gun, with re-circulating ice water to keep it cold.

Real help?

You can E-Mail or call with any questions, and get a quick answer. If you need parts, or have a special need, we are here to help. Visit our Contact Page.

Where are the machines manufactured?

Adelanto, CA