Counter Top Systems:

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Here is what our systems has to offer:
We put together a complete restaurant style soda dispenser, in a very small package. We use the same commercial parts as the bigger units we manufacture. Our system has a self contained refrigeration unit, to make your drinks ice cold, not a cold plate that you have to put ice on all the time. It has a built in motor driven carbonator, and comes with everything you need for an easy installation.

We do not sell CO2 gas. You are free to buy this at your local "Welding Supply" where you live, just look in your phone book, as the cost of shipping would be more than the gas price in most cases. The unit uses the same bag-n-box syrup as restaurants and fast foods use. A 5 gallon bag of syrup makes 30 gallons of finished drink. Most people buy syrup at a restaurant supply place, or from a local Mom & Pop place that sells fountain drinks. All Sam's Clubs sell 5 gallon Bag-N- Box Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Mr. Pibb, Orange, Root Beer, Tea, Lemonade, and others, the same drinks they have at the hot dog and pizza place. This will save you real money. We also sell our line of syrups on our web site, and, Just search "Syrup", and we have the largest selection of Diet Syrups available.

The unit does not come with a CO2 tank, as most welding supply places have an exchange program. We do sell empty CO2 tanks if you need them, in 5 lb, 10 lb., and 20 lb. sizes, at a low price, and you can get them filled at any local "welding supply" place. It is best to have 2, so when one goes empty, you can swap, and have plenty of time to get it filled.

The counter top unit dispensers are sold by the number of flavors you want. We put a side lever on all our counter top units to dispense plain soda water. and The units can also dispense non- carbonated drinks like iced tea, fruit punch, Hi C, lemonade, etc.... you can have both carbonated and non-carbonated drinks on the same dispenser. If you have a non-carbonated drink, you can also have plain ice water.

Small Counter top unit: Size 12" W x 22" D x 17" H
*Recommended for home or small office use

Medium Counter top unit: Size 23" W x 19" D x 24" H
*Recommended for medium sized office use

Large Counter top unit: Size 26" W x 25" D x 24" H
*Recommended for large office or restaurant use